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Services of the LIR

Following the core concept of “theoria cum praxi”, the transfer of research and development results to experts and the general public is an important component of the work conducted by the Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research. 

The science-based services that are currently available from us are divided into three areas with different offerings:

  1. A lecture and training system for the transfer of target group-specific knowledge about health, resilience and preventive measures to promote resilience;

  2. Consulting and workshops for companies and institutions regarding preventive measures to promote resilience;

  3. The development of needs-focused, target group-specific resilience training programs.

With our lecturing and training activities, we prepare knowledge about health, resilience and measures that promote resilience in a way that is target group-specific and according to high scientific standards, so that it can be offered in lectures and workshops.

Concern for employee health is increasingly becoming the focus of corporate programs promoting health and is a topic that is growing in its urgency. Many workers complain that they are no longer able to keep up with increased performance requirements. The number of people who are unable to work and the amount of sick leave due to mental illness increases every year. Early prevention approaches can help develop suitable strategies for dealing with difficult living conditions and avoid ineffective attempts at coping. Training programs to strengthen resilience, thus strengthening “mental resilience,” can help working people with overcoming challenges, stress and difficult situations more effectively, and with keeping healthy over the long term.

Our measures for fostering health awareness are currently being used by specialists and management teams in commercial enterprises, educational facilities, charity organizations, federal and state offices, clinics and university facilities. We value the transfer of practical knowledge about resilience and the improvement of the participants’ health awareness.

Depending on the arrangement, our lectures and workshops can be adapted to specific target groups.

The following formats can be booked:

•    Lectures

•    Workshops and Multiplier Training Courses

In addition, we offer lecture series for students (for example, in medical studies or “50 Plus” continuing education) and pupils (for example, as participants in Junior Campus) and continuing education training events for various professional groups (for example, teachers).

It is also important to us to make knowledge about resilience accessible to the general public as well, with presentations such as the “Mainz Resilience Talks” and contributions in various media.

If you have questions about resilience or any of the LIR’s offerings, please contact us.


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