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Resilienzförderung Übersicht

Our Services: An Overview

The Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research (LIR) is dedicated to sharing research insights with the public. Following the principle of theoria cum praxi, we invite interested parties to collaborate with our experts. Together, we can enhance health literacy and develop strategies for stress management and resilience building.

For Organizations & Companies 

  1. Lectures & Workshops 

  2. Holistic Resilience Promotion Programs 

  3. Consulting & Concept Development 

For Individuals

  1. Resilience Coaching: Personalized 1:1 sessions with our experts 

  2. Resilience Training: Interactive small group sessions 

For the Public

  1. Events (Online and on-site)

  2. Press Review

  3. Publications Institute Participation

Have Questions About Our Services?

Feel free to reach out to us:

Sandra Lenz
Phone : +49(0)6131 89448-03
E-Mail: sandra.lenz@lir-mainz.de

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