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LIR training programs

We offer workshops and multiplier training programs on different topics. Depending on the arrangement, the content of the workshops can also be adapted to specific target groups.

Executive Training "Being a healthy and resilience leader"

In this practice-oriented workshop, executives are shown how they can positively impact their employees’ health and ability to work through everyday practical exercises and working in small groups. On the other hand, they learn methods for strengthening resilience so they themselves can stay healthy and in control over the long term.

In addition, the workshop is intended to transfer knowledge about early warning signs of psychosocial overload from stress and symptoms of being overwhelmed, as well as knowledge about mental illness and treatment options. Furthermore, possible courses of action are identified in order to improve interactions with mentally stressed employees.

Workshop content:

Leadership and Health

  • How can leadership behavior affect employee well-being, their ability to work and health?

Stress and Health

  • How do I recognize stress and the symptoms of overload?

  • What can I do to reduce overload, build resources, cope with stress and strengthen resilience in my employees and myself?

  • Conversation guidelines: How do I talk to overloaded employees?

Dealing with mentally stressed employees

  • What does handling stressed employees responsibly and with sensitivity look like?

  • From whom can I obtain support if needed?

Employee Training "Promoting Resilience, Preventing Burnout"

In this practice-oriented workshop, the resilience of individual employees is strengthened with targeted practical exercises. The workshop teaches participants to become aware of their own resilience skills and strengths. Through everyday practical exercises and working in small groups, you will be shown how to personally use various protective factors to better cope with day-to-day pressures and professional stress, and to stay healthy and in control despite these difficulties.

Workshop content:

  • Introduction to Resilience

  • The current state of research

  • Resilience factors as protective mechanisms against stress and mental illness

  • Trainability of resilience factors

  • How can I use resilience for myself?

  • How can I target resilience factor training?

  • Where can I integrate resilience into my personal day-to-day life?

Workshop: Tired, Exhausted, and Empty - Am I Sick?

Slept poorly, tired and exhausted? No real drive, but always under pressure?

Many of the widespread ills of civilization (such as depression, sleep disorders, addiction, cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure) are associated with chronic stress. In this presentation, the terms stress, resilience, burnout and depression are defined more precisely, their differences are revealed and the symptoms of stress and overload are identified.

Workshop content:

  • Introduction to stress, resilience, burnout and depression

  • Differentiating the various symptoms 

  • How do I recognize stress and the symptoms of overload in myself and in others?

  • What can I do to cope with stress and promote resilience?

  • What treatment options exist?

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