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Prof. Dr. Klaus Lieb attended the 10th International Summit of Research Institute Leaders on "Contributing to Resilient Societies through Science and Technology”
The Centre for Healthy Ageing (CHA) was opened as a new virtual research centre that brings together scientists from four research institutes in Mainz to promote healthy ageing and develop new treatments for age-related diseases. LIR scientists Prof. Dr. Klaus Lieb and Prof. Dr. Oliver Tüscher head one of the CHA's 39 research groups.
Due to the current situation, the next LIR talks will take place as online events only.
In the podcast by t-online and the Leibniz Association, LIR scientists, among others, discuss how to cope with the Corona pandemic with the journalist Ursula Weidenfeld.
The second corona lockdown means a physical and mental challenge to us. What can we do to feel better in our everyday life with the pandemic?
Here you will find our Corona/Covid-19 information page with further links on how to handle psychological stress, studies and media contributions.