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Welcome RG Hesse!

The fact that the phenomenon of resilience is being researched at the LIR is nothing new. What is new, however, is an eleventh approach to mental resilience, namely using computer-aided models. Theory-driven, data-rich and data-combining research is now made possible by the "Computational Resilience Research" research group, which is headed by Jun.- Prof. Dr. Janina Hesse.    

The aim of the research group is to link data from different areas. This brings together theory-based hypotheses from mathematical modeling, machine learning and medicine, enabling the simulation of both simplified models and state-of-the-art data analysis, including various AI approaches to data integration. In short, computational resilience research is then testable at different levels: from mouse to human, but also from molecular biology to behavior.  

Research into a wide range of events, whether seasonal environmental influences or mental flexibility, will serve to establish a resilience model that can make individual predictions about the development of stress and recommend appropriate interventions. 

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