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Longitudinal, representative studies on mental health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic

This regularly updated table presents studies investigating mental health burden of the COVID-19 pandemic in the general population as well as in other target groups. The studies presented in the table were selected according to the following criteria:

All studies are required to

  • report a measure of mental health assessed with a validated measurement tool;

  • provide a longitudinal study design (several assessments of the same individuals);

  • provide a comparison between values assessed before and after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic;

  • provide a sample size > 1000;

  • Studies in the general population are required to provide a representative sample of the population in the respective country.

These selection criteria are employed to ensure a high quality of the presented data.

The last two columns present the reported statistics for the change between values assessed before and during the pandemic and the direction of this change (increase, decrease, or stability of the respective variable) in a simplified way.

 Update: March 25, 2021

Longitudinal studies COVID-19 pandemic


a first value refers to assessment before the COVID-19 pandemic, second value to the assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

b identical study reported by Cheng Z. et al., Daly M. et al., Niedzwiedz CL. et al., Proto E. et al.

c identical study reported by van der Velden PG. et al. 2

d higher values indicate less symptoms of anxiety and depression.

e England: 11 946 696, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales: 2 263 811.

f per 100 000 person-months, compared to the estimated expected rates in the pre-COVID-19 comparison period (Jan 1, 2010–Feb 29, 2020); data on referrals to mental health services only available for NI, S, and W.

g pre-existing mental disorders, refers to all reported data on lifetime mental disorders in this study.

h in 2017 n=2589 with age between 5 and 16 years; comparison between 2020 and 2017 only available for age 5-16 years.

i based on information from the parent interview.

 ↑ increase; ↓ decrease; = no change.

95% CI: 95% confidence interval; d (Cohen’s d): effect size (0.2-small effect, 0.5-moderate effect, 0.8-large effect); E: England; GP: general practitioner; M: mean; MD: mean difference; N: sample size; NI: Northern Ireland; NR: not reported; S: Scotland; vs.: versus; W: Wales


Abbreviations (assessment tools):

AUDIT-C: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test; BAI: Beck Anxiety Inventory; DJGLS: De Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale; GAD-7: Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7; GHQ-12: General Health Questionnaire-12; K-6: Kessler-6 Distress-Scale; MHI-5: Mental Health Index-5; PHQ: Patient Health Questionnaire; PSWQ: Penn State Worry Questionnaire; QIDS:  Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptoms; SDQ: Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire;  SSL-D: Social Support List - Discrepancy


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