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Award for Publication on Resilience in the Work Context!

Among more than 12000 submissions, 12 entries received special recognition by the editorial team of the Journal of Business and Psychology. These include the publication by Dr. Miriam Schilbach, Prof. Dr. Anja Baethge, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Rigotti: "How Past Work Stressors Influence Psychological Well-Being in the Face of Current Adversity: Affective Reactivity to Adversity as an Explanatory Mechanism". 

This study explains how diverse work-related stressors experienced in the past can exert a lasting impact on emotional and physical well-being, mediated through emotional reactivity. Consequently, it provides paths for enhancing resilience at both an individual level and in the context of shaping working conditions. 

The Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research (LIR) extends its heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Dr. Thomas Rigotti, head of this research group, Dr. Miriam Schilbach, a guest researcher at LIR, and Prof. Dr. Anja Baethge from the Medical School Hamburg. 

Curious to dive into the details? Click here for the publication.

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