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Which psychological consequences can occur during the quarantine period?

In quarantine, your own freedom is restricted, everyday life and routine can no longer be followed, and direct social contacts are lost. This can lead to stress, boredom, reduced mood, and can cause a feeling of loneliness. Sleep problems or changes in eating habits can also arise. If you are in quarantine with your partner or family for 14 days, conflicts can occur. Do not let this unsettle you, as most people feel this way if they have to live in isolation for a short time.

How do I prepare for a possible quarantine?

Proactive approach: Ask family members or friends to support you with purchases. Secure entertainment with books, TV or similar. Find a project. Have you always wanted to learn something new? Now is the time. Talk to your partner or family about what happens when you argue. You may want to establish rules for a period of rest that can be spent separately if possible. Maintaining social contacts is particularly important in a quarantine situation. Inform your relatives and friends about your situation and keep in touch. Make yourself aware that quarantine is not a punishment for you, but a measure that you are doing for the benefit of the rest of the population. When you are in quarantine, you are actively ensuring that high-risk groups might stay healthy.

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